Dec 24
Jan 23, 2021
Al Seef
Celebrate Dubai’s heritage and innovation at this year’s DSF
Experience the past reimagined: Filled with Exciting and Immersive Themed Festivals, Culture And Entertainment Experiences This DSF

Celebrating Dubai’s heritage and innovation, this year’s edition of the DSF Market at Al Seef Market presented by Al Foah will bring:

• Chocolate week starting on 24 to 30 December featuring tasting experiences, workshops, signature products, and more.
• Kite and Bubble week from 31 December to 6 January featuring ocean-themed kite shows, bubble shows, kids’ kite making workshops, and more.
• Coffee week from 7 to 13 January featuring specialized coffee shops with popular coffee favorites, barista showcases, and amazing coffee blends from around the world.
• Date week from 14 to 20 January featuring date tasting, date-centered food, workshops, palm tree crafts and products.
• Waterfront week from 21 to 23 January featuring a grand finale Dragon Boat Race.

What is very special about this Market is that people can come back every week, discover something new every time and immerse themselves in an exciting, new sensorial experience each time.

Al Seef Calligraphy Art Building Projection:

View the amazing works of Khalid Al Saai, with his unique display projected on the buildings of Al Seef district showing calligraphic animation. It takes the language into a different level where you can enjoy the movement and colors of letters, allowing you to have your own interpretation. These showings are exclusive and available at certain times in the evening.

Art Building Projection & Special Light Installations: 

View the old and new world projection created by Dina Sami a renown illustrator born and raised in Dubai. Her theme of old and new world can be seen with the colorful pop accents which will be displayed along the buildings in the Al Seef district making for an entirely new perspectives of contemporary art.
Discover the traditional fish net installation with a modern touch and bold colors in our heritage corridor.
Visit the "gargoor tunnel" where old crab nets are designed in a new way.

REFLECTIONS Light Art Cubes Installation - Reflecting on the past, embracing the current, and focusing on the future. Reflections is an artistic installation that is comprised of 5 larger than life mirror cladded pillars, each one representing one decade of the United Arab Emirates, on the Eve of the 50th Anniversary Year. Each monolith reflects the surroundings of old Dubai while modernizing the current outlook for the future. History is the foundation of this nation and the expression of the vision of our forefathers. As this installation reflects the heritage buildings and the surroundings, it allows the guest to immerse themselves visually in the vicinity and create amazing selfie moments. Reflections is about breaking down the walls of the modern metropolitan landscape and reflecting on where we came from, our roots, and our heritage. Produced and Engineered by John Jossifakis, this concept was brought to life through the lighting design of George Tellos.

Art District
Enjoy live, upcycled, and curated installations made by local Emirati artists with a fusion of old meets new. These contemporary masterpieces will be spread across the art district for a one time exclusive exhibition to the public.

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Weekdays)
2:00 PM - 12:00 AM (Weekends)


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